Ultra Man

$ 4,700.00

São Miguel do Gostoso to Atins
Duration: 14 nights / 15 days
Total Distance: 1000 kilometers

Sep 28th Check-in:
Oct 12th Check-out:

Difficulty: Golden
This downwind route (Ironman) is appropriate for riders who:
- Are confident riding 1-2m waves in any direction
- Have done multiple downwinders, including at least one SSF blue/red/black route
- Are confident of their ability to kite for more than 4 hours per day

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Day by Day

Day 1: Check in SMG > Bangalô Kauli Seadi
Day 2: SMG – Galinhos > Pousada Amagali
Day 3: Galinhos – Ponta do Mel > Pousada Beiral
Day 4: Ponta do Mel – Icapuí > Hotel Casa do Mar
Day 5: Icapuí – Fortim > Casa Stella Cadente
Day 6: Fortim – Aquiraz > Carmel
Day 7: Aquiraz – Taíba > Vila Marola
Day 8: Taiba – Icaraizinho > Villa Mango
Day 9: Icaraizinho – Preá > Rancho do Peixe
Day 10: Prea – Barra Grande > BGK
Day 11: BG – Poldros > Ilha dos Poldros
Day 12: Poldros – Tutóia > Jagatá
Day13: Tutóia – Atins > Vila Guará
Day 14: Atins – Santo Amaro > Rancho das Dunas
Day 15: Check out > Rancho das Dunas

This is the most extreme downwind experience in the world, and only possible with the location and conditions that exist here in the Northeast of Brazil! You will explore beautiful terrain, full of dunes, rivers, lush forests, and exotic animals, seeing this part of the world from a unique perspective. Kiting for long distances each day with test you mentally and physically, and push you to your limits- a great way to grow and explore yourself inside and out!

Everyday the briefing will be around 09:00 a.m after breakfast, so you´ll need to prepare your luggage before eating. After the breafing we will leave our luggage at the reception for the driver (please, ask at front desk to help you with that), and then at 10:00a.m. we should be on the beach ready to go.

Luggage always be at the reception when we arrive at each hotel, and must be there when we leave. You can separate your small bags (with computers, and cameras) to go inside the car. Our gear and other equipment will have to go outside of the car.

Day 1 – Check in São Miguel de Gostoso
Check in and make yourself comfortable in this paradise! Get to know the place and meet your fellow Surfin Sem Fim crew. This a good opportunity to check all of your equipment and even test the waters in the afternoon. Dinner with the team around 7:30pm. / Bangalô Kauli Seadi

Day 2 – São Miguel do Gostoso to Galinhos
Early morning breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily breifing. On this day we will be able to enjoy some good waves. The arrival at Galinhos by the beautiful river is truly unforgettable. Dinner with the team around 7:30pm. (Amagali)

Day 3 – Galinhos to Ponta do Mel
Wake up early for breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily briefing. This is a very special day, where we will navigate through multiple rivers, sandbanks, mangroves, and arrive at the windy and unique Ponta do Mel. Fresh local dinner with the team around 7:30pm. (Pousada Beiral)

Day 4 – Ponta do Mel to Icapui
Early morning breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily briefing. Today will be very scenic, as it is arguably the most beautiful stretch of coast, decorated with many miles of orange cliffs. Hotel Casa Do Mar

Day 5 – Icapui to Fortim
After breakfast we hit the water again,making our way up the coast of Ceará, we pass more amazing landscapes. We will stop at Fortim for the night, just after the famous Canoa Quebrada. Dinner with the team around 7:30pm. Sleep in the amazing Casa Stella Cadente.

Day 6 -Fortim to Aquiraz
Enjoy a delicious early morning breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily briefing. We will be approach the big city of Fortaleza, passing many famous kite spots on its southerly side. Another day of amazing kiting. Another night and dinner with the locals around 7:30pm. / Carmel

Day 7 – Aquiraz to Taiba
Early morning breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily breifing. We will be passing by Fortaleza, which is always a challenge. We will have to go around the harbor, pass the piers of the beaches west of the harbor, and arrive at the famous wave kite spot of Taiba. Great dinner around 7:30pm. / Vila Marola

Day 8 – Taiba to Icarai
Breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily briefing. Usually the 4×4 follows the group during the whole way to Icaraízinho, but depending on the tide condition where the rivers meets the ocean, we may have no access by car. Passing through Flexeiras, Mundaú and Baleia, spectacular beaches surrounded by red rocks and palm trees that will make you sigh. In Icaraízinho, we can count on an amazing overnight stay at the marvelous Villa Mango in the village heart.

Day 9 – Icarai to Preá
Early morning breakfast around 8:00am followed by our daily briefing. Today we will enjoy a magic ride all the way to the amazing Preá beach. The Rancho do Peixe team is waiting for the group with a special welcome. Rancho do Peixe is a truly beautiful beachside hotel spread over several acres with kite rigging area, bar, restaurant and swimming pool. This hotel was selected as a Tripadvisor 2015 Travelers Choice and a Condé Nast award in 2016. / Rancho do Peixe

Day 10- Preá to Barra Grande
Breakfast around 8:00am followed by our daily briefing. This will be our long and challenging day. We will pass through an amazing river called Bitupita, a truly unbelievable landscape. Afterwards we’ll arrive at the small village of Barra Grande to have a great dinner and good night sleep. / Barra Grande Kite Hotel

Day 11 – Barra Grande to Ilha Dos Poldros
Early morning breakfast around 8:00am, followed by our daily briefing. Be prepared to experience the marvelous Delta do Parnaiba. It’s an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. We plan and expect to have a delicious dinner at Ilha dos Poldros hotel. It is truly unique, very remote and simply AMAZING. Here you get a taste of what it’s like to be right in the middle of the Delta, with rivers snaking through the live dunes and wildlife everywhere. Dinner will be around 7:30pm. / Ilha dos Poldros

Day 12 – Ilha Dos Poldros to Tutóia
Breakfast and earlying morning breifing around 8:00am. Leaving the Island, we continue past some amazing wave spots and scenery, before we arrive at the simple and comfortable Jagatá in the village of Tutoia

Day 13 – Tutóia to atins
Breakfast and earlying morning briefing around 8:00am. Our final stretch of the trip! Prepare yourself and enjoy it while you can! Pssing the enless windmills of Barro Vermelho, we will arrive in Atins at Vila Guara. It is another truly unique and beautiful spot, where you can relax under the stars. / Vila Guará

Day 14 – Atins to Santo Amaro
The last downwind day and an amazing trip through the Lençois Maranhenses National park by kite! Pass by the famous park, and see the towering dunes, before arriving at our final destination, Santo Amaro. / Rancho das Dunas

Day 15 – Check Out Santo Amaro
Check out by noon.

Congratulations! Thank you for allowing us to take you on this incredible experience, you can already start organizing your next Surfin Sem Fim Adventure in this beautiful and unique part of the world, the natural beauty of the Delta route awaits!

OBS: To participate in the Ultra Man route, the kiter must have already completed the Iron Man route or have a known, adequate experience level by a member of the SSF Team.


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Sep, 28th to Oct, 12th


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