Kitesurfing Adventure Skills – Brazil

US$ 2,800.00

Barra Grande to Atins
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Total Distance: 215 kilometers
Coach: Bowen Dwelle
Duration: 8 days / 7 night

December, 1st Check-in:
December, 8th Check-out:

Difficulty: Intermediate
Routes are appropriate for riders who
- Have more experience in 1-2m waves and are progressing with wave riding
- Have done multiple downwinders
- Are confident of their ability to kite for at least 3 hours per day
- Can ride toe-side for short distances

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Ready to level up?

As good as it feels to be good at something, it feels even better to get better at something – to progress and take your skills to the next level. On top of that is the joy and satisfaction that we get from sharing our experiences with others through skilled outdoor leadership.

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills is an on-the-water course for intermediate and advanced riders who want to go learn adventure kitesurfing, outdoor leadership, and guiding skills in the context of a long distance kitesurfing trip. On this unique coaching trip, Brazil’s finest and most unique kitesurfing territory is our classroom – and our playground. Combining expert coaching from multi-sport athlete and entrepreneur Bowen Dwelle and SurfinSemFim’s captain-in-chief Andre Penna with plenty of time to enjoy kiting a wide range of terrain on one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, this course provides a truly unique opportunity for progression, personal development and an incredibly good time.

The itinerary includes a combination of moderate and challenging days on the water, along with training sessions and group discussion. This trip is much more than a vacation — the schedule will be rigorous and days will start early and end late. That said, the satisfaction and accomplishment that you will enjoy upon completion will more than compensate for the hard work that you’ll be putting in along the way — and we promise you’ll get some downtime too!

Some of the skills that we will focus on will include:

  • Long distance kitesurfing
  • Outdoor Leadership, on and off the water
  • Gear selection and packing
  • Optimal preparation and how to be Always Ready
  • Supported and unsupported travel by kite
  • Navigation and route finding
  • Weather, water conditions, tides, currents and hazards
  • Rescue and emergency skills
  • Harnessing Flow as a leader and as part of Life Outside

Participation is by subject to approval by Surfin Sem Fim.



Day by Day:

Day From (Location – Pousada) To (Location – Pousada) Km
Day 1: Chek-in Barra Grande – Pousada BGK
Day 2: Downwind Barra Grande – Pousada BGK Itaqui – Pousada Vila Itaqui 20
Day 3: Downwind Itaqui – Pousada Vila Itaqui Ilha dos Poldros – Pousada Ilha dos Poldros 30
Day 4: Downwind Ilha dos Poldros – Pousada Ilha dos Poldros Ilha do Caju – Pousada Ilha dos Poldros 20
Day 5: Downwind Ilha dos Poldros – Pousada Ilha dos Poldros Tutoia – Pousada Jagatá 60
Day 6: Downwind Tutoia – Pousada Jagatá Atins – Pousada Oceano Atins 60
Day 7: Downwind Atins – Pousada Oceano Atins Rio Negro – Pousada Oceano Atins 25
Day 8: Check-out Atins – Pousada Oceano Atins


Day 1 – Check In – Barra Grande

Arrive and check in at Barra Grande Kite hotel. We’ll meet in the early afternoon for a first introduction and an equipment check. We will be working as peers and leading each other throughout our week together, and so it is especially important that we all have all of the required equipment and that it is in good condition. Barra Grande is a small town with very limited supplies, so come prepared with what you need! Failure to bring mandatory gear and not meeting the standards of the equipment check may disqualify you from participating in the course for safety reasons. A full equipment list will be provided as part of your pre-trip briefing.

After dinner together in the village, we’ll retire for the night, dreaming of our first day on the water!

Note: The area around Barra Grande is incredible for kiting and exploring the rivers by kayak – if you can arrange to arrive a day early, it’s worth it!

Day 2 – Barra Grande to Itaqui

Our first day together will start with setting goals. What are we here to do together? What are your individual goals and priorities for the week? Goal setting is key to achieving results, and appropriately challenging goals are critical to getting into flow.

We’ll review our overall route and do a session on rescue skills and emergency procedures, and then set off for a relatively short kite downwind to Itaqui. This short day on the water will give us some kite time to shake things out and also leave time in the afternoon for a working session on navigation and route finding.

Day 3 – Itaqui to Ilha dos Poldros

The route from Itaqui to Poldros makes for a longer day on the water with some challenges. The first section takes us offshore as we cross the bay to Luís Correia, and then, once we round the pier there, again offshore and often with lighter winds to the port of Pedra do Sal, where we get our first taste of waves – and some lunch. After a break we cross the mouth of the Panaíba river for the final stretch to Ilha dos Poldros, encountering unique sand bars and more waves on the way. The longer day on the water will give us an ideal opportunity to practice endurance methods, moving meditation, on-the-water safety, outdoor leadership and communication skills.

And — be prepared to experience the marvelous Delta do Panaíba. It’s an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, and an ideal setting for the next two days of our expedition. This place is truly unique, very remote and is our gateway to the Delta, with rivers snaking through the live dunes and wildlife everywhere.

Day 4 – Ilha dos Poldros and Ilha do Caju

In the morning we’ll gather for a session on supported and unsupported travel by kite, and on gear selection and packing. Once we’re ready we’ll return to the beach and kite down the coast and then trek over the dunes into the Caju river, where we relaunch our kites. We’ll use the the river to practice rescue skills and then and make our way down to Barra do Caju and return to base by boat.

Day 5 –  Ilha dos Poldros to Tutóia

One of the highlights of the trip, this day’s session takes us through the heart of the delta, crossing three major river mouths, and provides an ideal opportunity for navigation and communication practice, as well as some killer wave riding in some truly stunning locations. After what is usually a fairly long day on the water we’ll arrive at our hotel on the beach in Tutóia for an evening debrief and further discussion on safety, flow, and outdoor leadership on the water.

Day 6 – Tutóia to Atins

Another fairly long day on the water along the remote coastline of the Maranhão will test our endurance and group dynamics as we make our way to the idyllic village of Atins.

Day 7 – Atins and the Rio Negro

Our final day together involves a shorter downwind to the Rio Negro in the incredible Lençois Maranhenses, and an opportunity to review and digest everything we’ve discussed and experienced together during the week. After a final group session together back at the hotel we’ll celebrate with dinner and the star-studded night sky of remote Atins.

Day 8 – Check Out and Departure

Depending on where you’re heading off to you’ll likely have an early departure from Atins. If you’re heading to Barreirinhas or Sāo Luís, enjoy the breeze in your hair on the ride up the river.

A message from our guide and coach, Bowen Dwelle:
I designed this trip for those of you who want more from your riding, from your kitesurfing trips, and from yourself. I’m happiest and most fulfilled with a combination of sport that I love, challenge in the outdoors, progression, and leadership, and I’m excited to share this unique experience with you. My goal is for this week to be truly memorable and impactful, to change how you think about kitesurfing, how you think about travel, and perhaps how you think about life.


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December, 1st to December, 8th


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