Hydrofoil into the River with Andre Penna

$ 2,150.00

Duration: 5 days / 6 nights
Coach: André Penna


Nov 19th Check-in:
Nov 25th Check-out:


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This route offers 5 days of kiting in rivers, and untouched and incredible places to explore while Hydrofoiling. The scenery is truly breathtaking. We will be kiting through dunes, mangroves and forests, always with the support and security of a boat.
These are they types of trips that leave a mark the soul. Here in the state of Maranhão you will find a region of very exuberant nature.
And we’re also offering the opportunity to evolve your hydrofoil skills and adventure with our expert André Penna.
Day 1 – Kiting on the Parnaíba River, which divides the states of Piauí and Maranhão, and marks the beginning of the Parnaiba Delta
Day 2 – Kiting in Barra da Melancieira, in the heart of the Parnaiba Delta
Day 3 – Kiting on Tutoia Bay, a hydrofoil paradise. We will circumnavigate the island of Coroatá, where it is also possible to stop for a bit and explore the island walking.
Day 4 – Kite on the Rio Novo, where we will meet the “little Lençois”. After kiting, we continue on a canoe trip to Paulino Neves.


Day 5 – Beautiful kite session on the River Preguiça, Atins, where we will ascend to Caburé.

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November, 19th to November, 25th


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