Delta Route

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Preá to Atins (near by Lençois Maranhenses)
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights (Aug) – 9 days / 8 nights (Nov)
Total Distance: 340 kilometers

Group 01
Aug 25th Check-in:
Sep 01st Check-out:
Group 02
Nov 10th Check-in:
Nov 18th Check-out:

Difficulty: Difficult
These downwind routes are appropriate for riders who:
- Are confident riding 1-2m waves
- Have done multiple downwinders
- Are confident of their ability to kite for at least 4 hours per day
- Can ride toe-side for long distances

Do you prefer another level of difficulty? Select the desired level below:
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On this route, you will have the pleasure of experiencing 3 different states of Brazil: Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão. You will pass through a transitional area between the dry northeast region to the wet and green Amazon forest. There will be more rivers, dunes, mangroves, forest, and less civilization. The Delta of Parnaiba is full of untouched nature, a sanctuary for those seeking wilderness, and we are happy to take you there with all the safety and security included.

Day by Day (august)

Day 1: Check in Preá > Rancho do Peixe
Day 2: Prea – Guriú > Casa Uca
Day 3: Guriú – Camocim > Pousada Caraúbas
Day 4: Camocim – Barra Grande > BGK
Day 5: Barra Grande – Poldros > Ilha dos Poldros
Day 6: Poldros – Tutóia > Jagatá
Day 7: Tutóia – Atins > Vila Guará
Day 8: Check out > Vila Guará


Day by Day (november)

Day 1: Check in Preá > Rancho do Peixe
Day 2: Prea – Guriú > Casa Uca
Day 3: Guriú – Camocim > Caraubas
Day 4: Camocim – Barra Grande > BGK
Day 5: BGK – Poldros > Ilha dos Poldros
Day 6: Poldros Day > Ilha dos Poldros
Day 7: Poldros – Tutóia > Nativa Arpoador
Day 8: Tutóia – Atins > Vila Guará
Day 9: Check out > Vila Guará

Everyday the briefing will be at 09:00 a.m after the breakfast, so you´ll need to prepare your luggage before to eat, after the breafing we will leave our luggage at the reception for our driver (please, ask at front desk to help you with that) then at 10:00a.m. we will be on the beach ready to go.

Everything will be at the reception when we arrive in each hotel, and must be there when we leave. You can separate your small bags (with computers, and cameras) to go inside the car. Our gear and other equipment will have to go outside of the car. Please leave luggage at the reception.

This is the natural continuation of the Classic Route. Here you have the opportunity to kite through 3 different Brazilian states of the northeast: Ceara, Piaui, and Maranhao. We will pass through the national park of Serra da Capivara, also a World Heritage Site. You will see how much the landscape changes along this route, between the dry northeast region to the wet and greet amazon forest. There will be more rivers, dunes, mangroves, forests, and less civilization. This route offers the experience to see the Delta of Parnaiba, and optionally the Lencois Maranhenses, which we will need to organize ahead of time.

Day 1 – Check In at Preá – Rancho do Peixe

Check in at Rancho do Peixe and have a welcoming meeting in the afternoon at the Bar da Praia. We will have a warm up session to get to know the sailing conditions and test the equipment. Amazing dinner at 7h00 and stay overnight in Preá/ Rancho do Peixe

Day 2 – Preá to Camocim

We will meet for breakfast at 8h00am and have a briefing at 9h00am. This will be done every day and is very important to share details of the route, specific risks or cautious areas, and define stops and strategic meeting points. After, we transfer from Prea to Camocim / Casa Sao Jose Beach

Day 3 –  Camocim to Barra Grande

We will pass through an amazing river called Bitupitá, a truly unbelievable landscape. Afterwards we’ll arrive in a small fishermen village to have a great dinner and good night sleep/ Overnight at Barra Grande Kite

Day 4 – Barra Grande to Ilha dos Poldros

Be prepared to experience the marvelous Delta do Panaíba. It’s an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. Expect to have a delicious dinner at Ilha dos Poldros hotel. It is truly unique, very remote and simply AMAZING. Here you get a taste of what it’s like to be right in the middle of the Delta, with rivers snaking through the dunes and wildlife everywhere. Dinner at 7h30pm. / Ilha dos Poldros

Day 5 –  Relax day at Ilha dos Poldros (group 02 includes one more night at Ilha dos Poldros)

Enjoy your time on this gem of the delta, exploring the costal waterways and raw nature surrounding you! This is a great day to reflect and connect to your roots.

Day 6 –  Ilha dos Poldros to Tutoia

Early morning breakfast and briefing. You will find amazing rivers, dunes, great waves until the river meet the sea and only you and your kite can pass through to the beach until the charming Tutóia beach, which will connect kiters and support cars back in the simple little town and you will have an awesome night with the stars. Overnight and dinner at the simple Jagata Pousada.

Day 7 – Tutoia to Atins

Early morning briefing and breakfast in before leaving Tutoia. Atins is another truly unique and beautiful spot. Vila Guara makes for an incredible place to relax under the stars at the end of the trip. You might want to stay an extra night to enjoy the incredibly remote, unique, tranquil and beautiful surroundings. Here we will have a great dinner at 7h00 pm/ Vila Guara

Day 8 – Atins

Check out by noon.

Delta Route

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Aug, 25th to Sep, 01st, Nov, 10th to Nov, 18th


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