Delta Experience

$ 2,750.00

Parnaíba to Atins — nearby the Lençois Maranhenses
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Total Distance: 200 kilometers

Jul 20th Check-in:
Jul 27th Check-out:
Difficulty: Intermediate
Routes are appropriate for riders who
- Have more experience in 1-2m waves and are progressing with wave riding
- Have done multiple downwinders
- Are confident of their ability to kite for at least 3 hours per day
- Can ride toe-side for short distances
  Do you prefer another level of difficulty? Select the desired level below:
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This is very pleasant variant of the Delta Path, where you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy kiting in the Delta do Parnaíba and the Lençois Maranhenses.

The first day you will kite to Ilha dos Poldros, where you will sleep 3 nights. There, we will do many awesome downwinders, and relax in this incredible, natural environment. Towards the end of the trip, we will spend 2 nights in Atins, where we will kite in the world famous Lençois Maranhenses.

Day by Day

Day From (Location – Pousada) To (Location – Pousada) Km
Day 1: Chek-in Parnaiba – Hotel Santo Antonio
Day 2: Downwind Parnaiba – Hotel Santo Antonio Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros 20
Day 3 Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros
Day 4 Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros
Day 5: Downwind Ilha dos Poldros  – Ilha dos Poldros Tutoia – Jagata 65
Day 6: Downwind Tutoia – Jagata Atins – Vila Guara 70
Day 7 Atins – Vila Guara Atins – Vila Guara
Day 8: Check-out Atins – Vila Guara

Everyday the briefing will be at 09:00 a.m after the breakfast, so you´ll need to prepare your luggage before to eat, after the breafing we will leave our luggage at the reception for our driver (please, ask at front desk to help you with that) then at 10:00a.m. we will be on the beach ready to go.

Everything will always be at the reception when we arrive in each hotel, and must be there when we leave. You can separate your small bags (with computers, and cameras) to go inside the car. Our gear and other equipment will have to go outside of the car. Please leave luggage at the reception.

This is a very pleasant variant of the Delta Path route, where you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Delta do Parnaiba and the Lencois Maranhenses. On the route, we will spend some time at Ilha dos Poldros where we will do some awesome downwinders and chill in an amazing natural environment. At the end, we´ll spend 2 nights in Atins, where we will kite on the world famous Lencois Maranhenses.

Day 1 – Check In – Parnaiba

Check in at Barra Grande Kite hotel, and have a welcome meeting in the afternoon. We will get to know the sailing conditions and check all of the equipment. Barra Grande is an amazing location with a lot of history – a great way to begin the journey! / BGK

Day 2 – Parnaiba to Ilha dos Poldros

Be prepared to experience the marvelous Delta do Panaíba. It’s an amazing environment in one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. We plan and expect to have a delicious dinner at Ilha dos Poldros hotel. It is truly unique, very remote and simply AMAZING. Here you get a taste of what it’s like to be right in the middle of the Delta, with rivers snaking through the live dunes and wildlife everywhere. Dinner at 7:30pm. / Ilha dos Poldros

Day 3 –  Caju Island (Sea)

This is an awesome path! Our group will kite until lunch at Barra do Caju, and finally we will see the famous Guarás birds in the afternoon / Ilha dos Poldros

Day 4 – Caju Island (River)

Another amazing day in this paradise. We will explore the jungle and have a wild animals experience at night / Ilhas dos Poldros

Day 5 –  Ilha dos Poldros to Tutóia

Early morning briefing around 8am for a description of the day. You will find amazing rivers, dunes, great waves until the river meet the sea and only you and your kite can pass through to the beach until the charming Tutóia beach, which will connect kiters and support cars back in the simple little town and you will have an awesome night with the stars. Overnight and dinner at the simple Jagata Inn / Jagatá Hotel

Day 6 – Tutóia to Atins

Early morning breakfast, follwed by our daily briefing around 9:00am. Our next destination, Vila Guara is another truly unique and beautiful spot, where you can relax under the stars at the end of the trip Dinner time around 7:30pm. / Vila Guara

Day 7 – Rio Negro

Another awesome day of kiting from Atins to Rio Negro. You will enjoy the incredibly remote, unique, tranquil and beautiful surroundings of Atins. Here we will have another great dinner around 7:30 / Vila Guara

Day 8 – Check Out

Closing of the program and check out at Vila Guara. Enjoy your last morning with the breeze in your hair and the sand at your feet. This paradise will be waiting for your return.

Delta Experience October 2017

Vídeo: André Penna

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Jul, 20th to Jul, 27th


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