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Hydrofoil Coaching, Preá – Brazil

$ 900.00

Local: Preá, Cruz – Brazil
Coach: Andre Penna
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Jun 19th Check-in:
Jun 22nd Check-out:


This is a hydrofoil coaching program, for those who are already foiling, and want to improve their skills. More advanced techniques will be taught, such as maneuvering (jibing and tacking), switching your feet on the board, and going downwind with a good angle.

Heavy Wave Riding – Chile

$ 2,900.00

Local: Matanzas, Chile
Coach: Guilly Brandão
Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

February, 20th Check-in:
February, 27th Check-out:


Difficulty: Intermediate

Long Wave Riding – Peru

$ 1,900.00

Local: Pacasmayo, Peru
Coach: Guilly Brandão
Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

May, 18th Check-in:
May, 25th Check-out:


Difficulty: Intermediate

Kitesurfing Adventure – Africa

$ 4,900.00

A Desert and Wild Nature Experience

Local: Namib, Africa
Coach: Carsten Franik
Duration: 14 nights, 15 days

Jan 25th Check-in:
Feb 08th Check-out:
Difficulty: Intermediate