1 - What are the requirements and how many people are on each trip?

You can check the levels for each route on the website. You need to be comfortable practicing the sport and handling the equipment for long periods of time. You can form your own group and booking dates to kite with your friends. The minimum is 4 people and maximum 10 people. Check availability by email.

2 - What are the 2018 dates?

Click the link for “The Dates” on the menu bar.

3 - I have been kiting for a year and a half, I am a beginner, and I would like to know if there is a route for this level?

It all depends on how many times per year you’ve been kiting and what you’ve learned. For the beginner, we do not recommend long trips, because they can be quite rigorous. There are various sections along the Brazilian coast that are very long, and required a certain level of skill and fitness. We can highly recommend our Light Jeri route for beginners and those who want to practice for the longer routes. It’s shorter and you travel less kilometers per day.

4 - What is the “Test Day” before the downwind?

This gives our staff the opportunity to see and analyze your kiting abilities, making sure you are capable of completing the route.

5 - Do you have any tips for those who just started kiting?

Check out our E-group hotel partners, who are conveniently located in awesome, smaller downwind locations. There you can practice and prepare for longer Surfin Sem Fim routes. Learn more on their website: www.egroup.net.br

6 - How do I get to the hotels in Cumbuco and Jeri? / How do I get back from the Delta Routes that end in Maranhão?

The transfer prices are not included in our package. The transfer from the airport to Taiba takes about 45 minutes, and costs around R$250.00.

It takes about 4 hours to get from Fortaleza to Preá, and costs about R$650.00, which can be divided by up to 4 people. Closer to the date of your arrival, we can organize all the transfers for you and help to find ways to divide the costs with other clients.

Another option is Fretcar: www.fretcar.com.br. They have busses from the Fortaleza airport to Cumbuco, Preá, and Jeri at lower costs.

On the routes that end in Maranhão (Atins), we recommend taking a flight from São Luis for your return. The transfer from Atins to São Luis takes about 5 hours and costs around R$850.00. This includes 1.5hr of boat transfer along the Rio Preguica river, which is amazing. Then you take a car transfer from Barreirinha to the airport, which takes about 3.5hrs and can be divided by up to 6 people. It’s worth extending your adventure a few days in Atins, where you can discover one of the worlds wonders: The Lençóis Maranhenses. But, remember that the water in the lagoons can only be admired in between the months of June to October.

7 - How does luggage travel from hotel to hotel?

This a 4×4 vehicle that accompanies each route, and transports our luggage. It follows each group along the beach, with food and drinks throughout the whole journey. In some areas the car will not be able to follow the group because of landscape conditions.

8 - What hotels will we be staying at? Can I leave or arrive at any point during the journey?

We stay at beachfront hotels that are chosen for their comfort and good service. We always anticipate double rooms, but there are times when the hotels are full and you will then be divided between groups of three people.

Here is a list of hotels here we will be staying:

Cumbuco – Windtown/ Taiba – Vila Marola/ Guajirú – Vila Vagalume/ Icaraízinho – Villa Mango/ Arpoeiras – pousada Canoas/ Preá & Jeri Rancho do Peixe & Vila Kalango/ Camocim – Bangalô São José/ Barra Grande – BGK/ Coqueiros – Vila Itaqui/ Ilha dos Poldros – Delta/ Tutóia – Jagatá/ Atins – Oceano Atins.

Please feel free to look them up and have an idea of where we will be staying. If there is availability, you can enjoy the hotels before or after our trip. For those enrolled in the SSF, we can offer extra days with a 10 % discount for stays at the charming hotels of Rancho do Peixe and Vila Kalango.

9 - Who are the Captains, Co-pilotos, and athletes?

The Captain is responsible for the group as a whole (outside of and inside the water). He is the reference point and decides on the days of the program, coordinates the briefings, kites in front of group, and has the final say on necessary decisions. He makes the Kiting related decisions in general.

The Co- Pilot is our native guide that kites behind the group, and who will be monitoring safety and taking care of the group.

The professional athlete is chosen to be a supportive guide, and will in addition coach the participants who will evolve throughout the downwind.

10 - What kites are normally used and which ones should I take?

We recommend kite sizes in between: 7-10 (this is according to the weight of the sailor and the wind intensity). Ideally bring 2 different sized kites and 2 boards.

Downwind with surfboard with Strap is always the better option, but twin tip will be a lot of fun too. You can also bring: replacement fins, bars, and lines which are warmly welcome. Camelback backpack is extremely important as well.

It’s good to bring 1 suitcase for clothes, 02 kites, 02 boards (twin -tip and surfboard). Also sunscreen, long sleeve lycra, cap, sunglasses, and your GoPro

11 - How do you guarantee safety?

Our captain and co-pilot, are connoisseurs of the prepared route, in terms of safety and first aid. Together they decide if a person is capable of following the stretches of the beach where the car is not able to follow the group. We are thoughtful about everything and have a safety system that includes:

≈ Professional kitesurf guide (English/Portuguese/Spanish),
≈ Professional Athlete supporting the group with the Captain.
≈ Programming and logistics from the coast
≈ Available cars with drivers, who know the region very well
≈ GPS & security systems able to contact the coast whilst at sea
≈ SOS emergency phone to contact rescue if necessary
≈ Satellite telephone with connection to the coast

12 - Is the food included?

Yes, we include:

Welcome drinks upon arrival at each hotel.

Breakfast and dinner at each hotel. Soft drinks, capirinha and beer.

A lunch of sandwiches, fruits, water, and Gatorade during the route.

Other drink options at the hotels are extra costs.

13 - What is suggested for the people accompanying me?

For those not sailing we suggest to relax and enjoy the hotels. If the person is interested in going in the car, watching and enjoying the scenery, it is possible to offer a discount of 15% in the package, as he/she will be with us all the way. Send an e-mail to check the conditions and availability.

14 - Are the hotel rooms double rooms? Can I have a single room?

Our package provides hotels with Double rooms, except for: Delta Route at Ilha dos Poldros at Delta do Parnaíba, where you may be required to share a room with one more.

For single room options we will have to check the availability in the hotels, as it is a period of high season. If there is availability, there will likely be an increase in price.

To reserve a single room can be difficult because it is high season and the hotels are beachfront. We can’t ensure single room availability but will do everything to satisfy the needs.

During the Classic Route, we have a night in Arpoeiras at Canoas pousada, which is a simple guesthouse on the beach.

15 - How can I take a companion who wants to learn how to kite?

The best place for someone learning to kite is at the Rancho do Kite school at Preá beach. This is the arrival of the Classic Route and the departure point for the Delta routes. It’s great for those who want to learn or develop their kiting. You will be very well taken care of by staff who can help you improve your kiting skills.

16 - How many Kilometers do we kite per day? Do we have any rest stops?

The car is equipped with drinks and food, and we stop at strategic points to eat and rest. If you need to get out of the water, we will be there to help you.

We have the following routes:
Light Jeri:40 km
Delta Wild: 90 km
Delta Parnaíba: 60 km
Classic Short: 160 km
Classic Route: 260 km
Delta Poldros: 270 km
Delta Experience: 200 km
The Corner of Brazil: 200 km
Delta Preá:130 km
Special Coaching: 300
Iron Man: 625 km
Delta Route: 340 km
*Due to the size of some stretches, if you do not have the level or preparation, you can take a break in 4×4 and return to the sea to finish the route later.

17 - Which is more difficult, the Jeri to Delta routes or the Cumbuco to Jeri route? What are the prerequisites to do Surfin Sem Fim?

Both routes require physical preparation and stamina. Please review the route levels on our website, or contact us by email to learn more about route difficulty.

18 - How can I pay?

Payments can be done with credit or debit cards, as well as direct deposits into our account.

19 - If I have dietary requirements, what should I do?

Tell us in advance so what we have time to inform the hotels.