Surfin Sem Fim is ready to take you on the kitesurfing adventure of a lifetime!

Born from a passion for kitesurfing as a way to explore the world and discover essential experiences, we offer the complete package for a unique and unforgettable journey in various places of Brazil and around the world.

The Surfin Sem Fim Tribe is inspired by nature, challenge, and passion for the wind and water. Our specialty is long distance travel by kite — downwind along the coasts of Brazil. We have worked hard to develop the best routes, destinations, staff, and crew to enable you to make the most of your trip, spending your days on the water and eating and sleeping in the best beachfront pousadas of the region.

If you want to experience Brazil at its best, and enjoy a unique, world-class kitesurfing adventure along some of the most beautiful coast in the world, Surfin Sem Fim is the choice to make. Join us for an unforgettable immersion in wind, water, nature, beauty, adventure, and physical challenge in the best of Brazil!

Evolve, progress and excel in what you love. Kite with some of the best riders in the world and reach your potential!

Explore, discover, and experience the beauty of brazil. Incredible downwind adventures and unforgettable experiences!


“We dreamed of sailing on the sea,
Sailing without coming back.

We dreamed of feeling the water of
the ocean for hours under our feet.

We dreamed of surfing big waves
And small nonstop.

We dreamed of entering another
orbit without defined horizon.

Discovering, experiencing,
traversing. Kilometer after kilometer.

We dreamed of starting and ending
a journey, where one goes and one
does not know how it will arrive.”

What does Surfin Sem Fim mean to the riders?


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