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Downwind Brazil

Photo: Bruna Arcangelo Toledo

We are a company specialized on organizing kitesurf adventures. We have the best guides and athletes to take you along this amazing stretch of coast, to the best kitesurfing points, eating and sleeping on the best pousadas of the area.

Your safety is our priority. We are here to provide all the assistance and support you may need during the trip. A car will follow the group along the route, and our staff is trained on kiteboarding rescues at the sea. We have radios and satellite phones, all to make sure that you will be safe and having the kitesurfing time of your life!

We are proud to say that northern Brazil is the best place in the world for kitesurf downwinders.

There we have a long coastline, mostly sandy, with side onshore wind every day during the season. There are some nice waves, not big though. There are no long rocky clifs, and the water is warm, you can kite with only shorts and rash. All that makes it super safe and confortable for long downwinders, the perfect spot for you kiteboarding vactions.

Your only concern will be to kitesurf down the coast. We take care of all the rest for you!

Imagine yourself discovering nature, hidden dunes and unspoilt beaches, by sailing and surfing for hundreds of kilometers using only wind energy and kite power. Living this real adventure with comfort, staying overnight in the best pousadas and ecolodges. Riding huge distances in safety, always supervised by professional guides and athletes. It is a transformative experience…

At least once in a lifetime all sailors in the world should experience this Surfin Sem Fim feeling, riding with the most consistent wind on Earth for the smoothest sailing of their life. During our downwind adventures, you’ll be accompanied by high level athletes who will give you precious tips all along the way. This unique and intense kitesurf clinique will boost your technique, confidence and experience. We offer the best kitesurfing packages of northern Brazil, with the best hotels and the best safety.

This adventure should be compared to skiing off slope, with a pro guide. All you need is being confident enough about your riding, and having enough experience to face unexpected events. Adventure is not just a word. That is why we are here to provide all the assistance and support you may need during the trip. SSF spirit is to sail across the states without doing one meter in a car or buggy. To start from the beach in front of your room or chalet, and to land it in front of the next pousada, right on the beach… However, if anyone needs, the car will be there for support. In that case, a rider who does not sail part a stretch, might not get the SSF Certificate (submitted to our captain’s judgement).

We will also start the adventure by a check of these requirements. A test is made one day before the trip starts in order to assess if the sailor is able to downwind.

Wonderful beaches, rivers, dunes… but are also various dangers: fishermen woods, streams and obstacles. For those reasons, e-Group has been working to offer you the highest level of safety.

Safety is our priority

After a gorgeous breakfast, professional instructions are given every morning by the captain (guide n°1) during the briefing, providing a clear view of the route : goals, beauties and dangers. We leave the hotel early in the morning heading north to secret, wild and desert locations.

A car on the beach follows the group whenever possible (in some stretches the car has no access, but you always are guided by our team within the ocean). The captain is leading the way and should always be your target. The athlete will have the freedom to ride along the group and spend time with every rider. Another guide will close the way and supervise the group from behind. Strategic meeting points are chosen to stop the car and wait for you to hydrate your body with healthy beverages and food, as well as to freshen up your mind about the sailing ahead. You will feel weird to walk on the sand after being part of the ocean for so long… and proud to share your emotions with your friends, being greeted with a welcome caipirinha or fresh juice. Then our full inclusive package includes a nice and hearty local food dinner, before having a restful night’s sleep in charming beachfront hotels. Living the dream…

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